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Al-Watania Company
Al-Sallam Tower Fourth floor
Benghazi - Libya
P.O. Box :- 434
Tel :-+218 61 909 5834
Tel :-+218 61 471 1048
Fax :- +218 61 909 5834

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Welcome to Alwatania Company
Our Clients
We are Al-Watania Company. We were established in 2006 and since then we are enjoying a great reputation among local buyers and international companies...

We specialize in importing work- shop, Factories & safety equipment. Basically we are a trading company with a good reputation, having a good relation with most oil companies in Libya such as AGOCO, RASCO and many others.
Our Products Range
  Clothing     Footwear  
  Gloves     Gloves  
  Abrading & Polishing     Electrical  
  Lighting     Flow & Level Control  
  Fabricating     Fastening & Joining  
  Fabricating     Safety Products (PPE)  
  Measuring & Inspecting     Measuring & Inspecting  
  Power Transmission     Plumbing & Janitorial  
  Power Transmission   Sawing & Cutting